Fall Tour Cityscapes

Inspired by Kieran’s Crooked Timber entry on photographs of cities, I found photographs of all the cities on my “fall tour” (including my home town): Atlanta, Roanoake, Raleigh, and New York. I’ll also be in Philadelphia for MLA. Of all the pictures I’ve linked, I prefer the photo of Atlanta, not necessarily because it’s my hometown, but because it best represents my experience of the city: stuck in traffic, close to the ground, looking up at skyscrapers, rather looking down from above. The picture is cluttered by communications towers, construction equipment, and other “eyesores.”

Tonight, I’m going to watch the Atlanta Hawks-Miami Heat game at the basketball arena, which I believe, is named after a light bulb manufacturer of some sort. Who knew that Atlanta even had a professional basketball team? Seriously, it should be lots of fun. I haven’t been to a pro basketball game in maybe 15 years (when the Hawks were actually good), and my corporate connections should put me close enough to the court to get caught in the trash-talk crossfire.


  1. jeff Said,

    November 24, 2004 @ 6:09 pm

    “Who knew that Atlanta even had a professional basketball team?” Oooh. Atlanta has such a bad rep for not supporting its teams.

    GO HEAT!


  2. chuck Said,

    November 24, 2004 @ 10:41 pm

    There’s pretty good support for the Falcons, but the Hawks pretty much ripped the heart out of the franchise when they traded Dominique Wilkins. The Omni crowds in the 1980s and early ’90s used to be pretty crazy (not Piston-fan crazy, but good enough). There’s still not much enthusiasm for the Hawks here, but I’m guessing the new coach, Mike Woodson, will turn things around if he gets some halfway decent players….

    Philips is actually a decent place to watch a game: good sight lines, good food selections. Now if only teh Hawks had some decent players.

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