Reactions to Control Room

This is just a placeholder entry to point to a Reuters article on the audience response to Jehane Noujaim’s Control Room at the Dubai Film Festival. Apparently, the film hasn’t been released widely to Arab audiences, and the film (not surprisingly) provoked strong reactions, many of which I wouldn’t have expected. Okay, I wasn’t surprised that Arab audiences would jeer Rumsfeld and Bush, but some people in the audience reported that the film made them feel powerless:

One Lebanese man who lives in Canada said he found it painful to watch the one-and-a-half hour movie.

“I did not like the film. It made me feel sad,” Gabriel Bakhazi said at a post-movie seminar. “I didn’t see anything to laugh at. Your film made me feel more angry and powerless.”

Thanks to indireWIRE for the link.

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