Friday Movie Links

Just a couple of quick, unrelated film links to brighten everyone’s Friday afternoon. First, I came across this Reuters article on Fespaco (English version), the biennial pan-African film festival, which starts this weekend. Of interest to me: the festival’s top award, the Etalon d’Or de Yennenga, or Gold Stallion of Yennenga, is awarded to the film that best depicts African relaities, a crtiterion that some filmmakers have begun to question (I originally found this story via Cinema Minima, but before I had enough coffee to blog it).

Second, the very cool news that the cinetrix is blogging the run-up to the Independent Spirit awards and teh Oscars for Bravo. If you have any suggestions for Independent Spirit Awards drinking games (take a sip every time a winner thanks the other nominees?), send them her way.

Also via the cinetrix, the MPAA has reversed its initial decision to give Gunner Palace an R-rating, making it the “most profane PG-13 picture ever,” according to Palm Pictures. Here’s the scoop from the World Peace Herald. Turns out that the MPAA is hip after all.

Depending on my ability to get work done (I have some serious dealines for a couple of applications), I’ll be attending at least one of the screenings I mentioned last night. If you’re in the Atlanta area, you should, too.

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