Everything in Threes

Just noticed that Terminal MFA tagged me with the “3s Meme.” As Filmmaker-Guy notes, I usually dodge most memes, mostly because I don’t want to obligate others to participate, but at his request, I’ll play along. Answers below the fold.

3 names you go by:
– Chuck, but you’ve probably noticed that.
– Dr. T, a name that some of my students chose for me one semester.
– My full name, on business cards, in journal articles, and other official places.

3 screennames you’ve had (besides blog psuedonym):
– sanssoleil, after one of my favorite movies, but I stopped using it because it sounded like I was depressed.
– all others, including chutry, are variations off the letters in my name.

3 physical things you like about yourself:
– my eyes are probably my best feature
– my legs, when I’ve been jogging
– my hair

3 physical things you dislike about yourself:
– my arms
– I’m a little overweight, but hoping that jogging will cure that
– I can’t think of anything else. My nose, maybe?

3 parts of your heritage:
– Dutch
– German
– probably British, my family tree gets a little unclear about four generations back because my great-grandfather was an orphan

3 things you are wearing right now:
– white Pilsner Urquell t-shirt I got at a bar when I bought a pint of their beer
– blue plaid boxer shorts
– a pair of white socks

3 favorite bands / musical artists:
– Tom Waits
– Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, aka Will Oldham
– Johnny Cash

3 things you want in a relationship:
– similar interests, including politics
– independence
– I’m usually single, so this is a difficult question

3 physical things about the preferred sex that appeals to you:
– full lips and/or overbite
– nice eyes
– dark hair

3 of your favorite hobbies:
– listening to music (live or on disc/radio)
– jogging
– reading (I’d name movie-watching, but isn’t that part of my job description at this point?)

3 things you want to do really badly right now:
– travel abroad, haven’t been outside North America since 1991.
– figure out where I’ll be living in July
– have the extra cash to buy an iPod mini

3 things that scare you:
– death by water
– Atlanta drivers
– U.S. foreign policy

3 of your everyday essentials:
– coffee, lots of coffee.
– internet
– good conversation.

3 careers you have considered or are considering:
– writing fiction/novels
– I considered the Peace Corps when I finst graduated college.
– I once started a major in business to appease my dad, but never took that very seriously (I guess I would have gone into advertising).

3 places you want to go on vacation:
– Pretty much all of Western Europe, especially London and Paris.
– Tokyo
– Prague. Jeez, I could name about twenty places I’d like to go.

3 kids’ names you like:
– I like all of the names my friends have given their children (there are at least three of them).

3 things you want to do before you die:
– make a documentary film
– travel to at least some of the many places I listed a few minutes ago
– write at least one book unrelated to my professional career

3 ways you are stereotypically a boy:
– I can be very competitive when it comes to board games and such. I actually don’t like playing those games for this reason.
– I write about “boy” stuff (science fiction and time travel)
– Huge sports fan: Like Filmmaker-Guy, I follow my favorite sports teams and obsess over stats, records, articles.

3 ways you are stereotypically a chick:
– I am not at all interested in how powerful your car’s engine is.
– I actually like shopping for new clothes (at least, when I can afford them)
– To be honest, I’m not sure I know all the stereotypes anymore (I haven’t watched Everybody Loves Raymond or Home Improvement in a while).

3 celeb crushes:
– Catherine Keener
– Jennifer Connelly
– Maggie Gyllenhaal

3 people I would like to see take this quiz now:
– Any three people who wish to take it. If you’re one of my celeb crushes, all the better.


  1. Jen Said,

    May 27, 2005 @ 4:04 pm

    white Pilsner Urquell t-shirt I got at a bar when I bought a pint of their beer

    I’m glad someone’s making good use of their shirt. I gave mine to my brother..

  2. Chuck Said,

    May 29, 2005 @ 10:21 pm

    Because it has a white collar, I’ve been able to wear it under other shirts. And of course I can throw it on when I drag myself out of bed….

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