Visual Music

Just wanted to briefly mention the Hirshhorn Museum’s “Visual Music” exhibition, which will be open until September 11, 2005. The exhibit is a solid collection of paintings, films, and audio recording produced since the early 20th century that focus on the concept of synaesthesia, the principle that senses, such as sound and vision in this case, can be mixed.

In general, the materials included in the exhibition were compelling, even if the number of films eventually overwhelmed me, but I would have liked a clearer historical narrative about the concept and the ways in which these filmmakers, artists, and musicians were addressing it. The framing narrative generally did a good job of addressing ways in which the introduction of new technologies (such as various digital media) allowed artists to address these concepts in new ways.

If you’re in DC (or planning to be in DC), it’s well worth a trip into the Smithsonian district (and, as is the case with all Smithsonian museums, it’s free!).

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