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I’ve been spending most of my Friday recovering from my trip to Montreal. As I mentioned, my panel went really well, but whether that has any connection to the quality of my paper is another issue. But because my plane was delayed, I didn’t get back to my apratment until late last night. So, I’m in short-attention span mode this afternoon, and here are a few of the places I’ve been surfing (perhaps my previous entry about drunk librarians should make me a little more cautious?):

First, I just heard on KEXP that Radiohead is blogging the recording of their upcoming album on Dead Air Space (nice name). Lots of photos, but also some interesting entries about the recording process (apparently it’s exhausting).

Also just learned that NBC anchor Brian Williams has a blog, the Daily Nightly (sorta goofy name). Williams offers an interesting window into how certain decisions are made about the content of the news, including the important decision about what “ribbon” to include on the bottom of the screen. You know, stuff that matters. To be fair, this New York Times article argues that Williams does offer some self-criticism when he feels the NBC news broadcasts fall short.

I came across Williams’ blog via the “related articles” on this Yahoo article about a hoax by a student newspaper at Southern Illinois University. For two years, tey published articles by Kodee Kennings, a small child whose father was a soldier in Iraq. All of the participants are distancing themselves from the hoax. I never read the articles, but what a bizarre story.

Classes here at Catholic U start on Monday, so expect lots of healthy procrastination blogging over the next few days.

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