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Here are a few other ways you can help New Orleans courtesy of Doreen, who has asked for people to forward this call for assistance as widely as possible. A link from your blog or an email to your friends and collegues would be much appreciated, I’m sure.

Chuck, Here’s something I wrote to people today and hope you can post for people interested in donating monies….

A specific way to help the city of New Orleans right now is to donate to this fund.

UNO Recovery Fund
in care of
Dr. Robert Rasmussen
3810 West Lakeshore Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70804

What I think is most important in terms of a building a future for New Orleans–after this initial crisis situation is relieved–is to get the Univesity up and running ASAP. Considering its mission as being dedicated to primarily educating southeastern Louisiana residents and considering that it is the only four year public institution in a city (and also state) that is fiscally strapped, it is essential that UNO functions as soon as possible as a sign that the city has an intellectual center that people can return to and as a source of possibility and hope for many already economically marginalized student populations that attend the university.

Basically, the students of UNO are New Orleans’ future. In today’s NYT, I read that 80% of New Orleans residents stay put in the parishes where they were born. While I won’t go into the reasons why this may be so, I can say that this is the primary population that the university serves and thus helping the university get back on its feet is central to the city’s ability to function culturally and economically in the future.

Please forward this to as many people, depts, and institutions as you can. I really do appreciate it.

Doreen also passed along this link to a NYT article about the 9th Ward, its history and architecture and a link to the Irish Trojan Blog, which has been a valuable resource on the events in New Orleans.

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