Wednesday Night Linkfest

Just a few late night (early morning?) links to help you procastinate right along with me:

Our tour of the Internet begins with a Boing Boing offering of a Vietnam-era anti-war ad with Jon Voight providing the voice-over (via Cinemocracy, who also notices that Miers supporters–or opponents–have been practicing their photoshop skills).

Next, it turns out Edward Jay Epstein was right (not that I ever doubted him). Hollywood is over. America’s Finest News Source has the scoop (thanks to Green Cine).

I’m not sure where I heard this story, but word on the street (by street, I mean the Internet Movie Database) is that Roberto Benigni is doing an Iraq War comedy about a “love-struck Italian poet [who] is stuck in Iraq at the onset of an American invasion.” The good news? Tom Waits is rumored to be participating in the film. The bad news? Roberto Benigni is particpating in the film. Maybe I’m being unfair, but this project sounds awfully crass to me.

This news probably deserves a separate entry, but it’s worth noting that poet laureate Ted Kooser will be giving a reading of his work on October 13 here in DC. The event is free and open to the public.

In other news, I’m teaching Mary Ann Doane’s The Emergence of Cinematic Time in my senior seminar, which means I’ve been finding all sorts of fun ways to procrastinate on the Library of Congress American Memory project pages. I recommend the Edison films and sound recordings as well as the rest of the American Memory Collection.

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