I’m Chuck Tryon, assistant professor of film and media studies at Fayetteville State University. I’m the author of two books, Reinventing Cinema: Movies in the Age of Digital Convergence (2009), and On-Demand Culture: Digital Delivery and the Future of Movies (2013), both published by Rutgers University Press.

Some articles I’ve written:

I’ve also been known to frequent Diigo and Twitter. I’m also lucky enough to be married to the Coolest Wife Ever, Andrea Biondi, with whom I have traveled to Spain and Colombia.  We also were crazy enough to celebrate our first New Years Eve together in Times Square.  I’m also an avid runner and try to compete in a half marathon or two every year.  Finally, I make a pretty mean sesame seared tuna, if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

You can email me at chutry[at]msn[dot]com

Chuck in Bogota, Colombia, November 2010