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Political Video Mashups as Allegories of Citizen Empowerment

Here’s a quick pointer to an article I co-wrote with Richard Edwards for the journal, First Monday, “Political Video Mashups as Allegories of Citizen Empowerment.”  The article focuses on three modes of political mashup: advocacy, protest, and commentary through three videos that commented on the 2008 election, Vote Different, Imagine This, and Godfather IV, and […]


Political Video: The Aftermath

After every election, there is an inevitable, and invariably oversimplified, period of reckoning where politicians, pundits, and other political observers attempt to make sense of  What Just Happened.  Too often, there is a tendency to assume that the victorious party, in the case the Democrats, did everything right, while the other party’s strategies were completely […]


More Political Videos

I’ve fallen way behind on writing about political videos this month, in part because of other professional obligations, but also because much of the campaign coverage towards the end of the Democratic primary had left me feeling cold. At any rate, there are a couple of videos that I should have blogged sooner, especially since […]

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Hillary’s Downfall

I’m still trying to figure out my response to “Hillary’s Downfall,” a viral political video that takes scenes from Downfall, Oliver Hirschbiegel’s movie about Adolf Hitler, and matches the scene with subtitles expressing Hillary Clinton’s outrage at being pushed out of the nomination by Barack Obama. I initially found the video at techPresident, and my […]

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Hillary Nicholson?

I’m pretty fascinated by this new video released by the Hillary Clinton campaign* in which Jack Nicholson endorses Clinton for President. The video consists of scenes from some of Nicholson’s most prominent films (Batman, The Shining, A Few Good Men, to name a few) used to reinforce Clinton’s credentials as a candidate. Nicholson as the […]

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Hillary Soprano Talk

Just a quick note to my Fayetteville State readers that I’ll be giving a talk tomorrow afternoon at 4 PM on online election parody videos in the Continuing Ed building.  The talk is entitled, “Hillary Clinton Meets Johnny Sack: Presidential Parody Videos and the 2008 Election,” but I’m planning to focus more on ObamaGirl, the […]


The Tracy Flicking of Hillary Clinton

The issue has been pretty well-covered by now, but like M. LeBlanc at Bitch Ph.D. and Kate Harding at Shakesville I just wanted to add to the list of those bloggers who have expressed frustration about the fact that Hillary Clinton is being faulted for being–gasp!–too ambitious because she wants to be president. This is […]


Yet Another Crush Video

Feeling hopelessly behind when CNN MSNBC hears about the latest crush video before I do. But here it is: “I Got a Crush…on Hillary.” Like most presidential crush vids, it’s an explicit response to ObamaGirl, but it’s also a pretty entertaining parody of many of the conventions of pop-punk videos.


Hot for Hillary

First, there was ObamaGirl, now there’s “Hot for Hillary” in the Crush Video Primary. I think my money’s on Hott4Hill right now. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Hott4Hill has a blog. Thanks to Oliver Willis for the link. Update: I threw together this post as I was going to bed last night, […]

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Hillary 1984

I’ve been traveling, so I didn’t have time to mention it until now, but my latest Flow column, “Why 2008 Won’t Be Like 1984:” Viral Videos and Presidential Politics, is now posted. While you’re in the neighborhood, check out Flow’s new website.


Searching for Hillary Clinton

Interesting Washington Post article by Sara Kehaulani Goo about the attempts to refine video searching on the web, comparing video searching to the early days of the web when text searching “was clunky and largely incomplete.” Goo notes that if you conduct a search using Hillary Clinton’s name on one of the big online video […]


“It Feels Good to be a Clinton.”

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the new advertisement from Ted Cruz that parodies one of the most iconic scenes from Mike Judge’s Office Space as an attempt to mock Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Of course, my initial observation is to feel defensive of one of my favorite film comedies: How can Ted […]


Rethinking the “Meme Election”

I have been turning over some ideas about the move to christen 2012 as the “Meme Election.” To some extent, this desire to revisit the 2012 campaign was driven by an Atlantic article by Megan Garber, which places emphasis on the Obama campaign’s deft ability to navigate various social media, an interpretation grounded in Obama’s […]


“Binders Full of Women:” 2012 and the Image Macro Election

Last night’s debate left us with two or three comments that will endure throughout the election season and beyond, but none will likely have the staying power of Mitt Romney’s remark that when he was seeking out job female applicants his staff brought him “binders full of women.” On one level, it’s easy to read […]

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Pawlenty of Courage

As long-time readers of this blog likely know, I’ve been fascinated by online political campaign ads for some time, especially those that mix popular culture and politics, such as Phil De Vellis’s “Vote Different.”  Although many of these ads are straightforward mashups, many others gradually began to use other forms of citation in order to […]

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