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Here is the English translation of an interview I recently conducted with Luciano Trigo, a journalist for the Brazilian website  Luciano is an astute observer of some of the changes taking place in the film industry today, and it was especially beneficial for me to learn from him about how these changes might be […]

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Mocking Cameron, or How I Learned to Love the Downfall Meme

Via Anne Thompson, a look at the most recent update of the “Downfall Meme,” the long-running video mashup technique, in which a video creator takes an iconic scene in the movie Downfall, in which Adolf Hitler, as played by Bruno Ganz, has a complete meltdown, and substitutes new subtitles, creating the effect that a hapless […]

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Media Favorites 2008

Like a lot of bloggers I admire, I’ve been reflecting again this year on the arbitrariness and subjectivity of “best of” lists.  Given that many of the movies that aspire to the be the “best” Hollywood has to offer aren’t released to flyover audiences until mid-January at best, I’ve missed a lot this year.  And […]

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Return of the Downfall Meme

Back in May, I wrote a brief entry on the “Downfall Meme,” in response to Hillary’s Downfall, a YouTube video that took a pivotal scene in Downfall, Oliver Hirschbiegel’s movie about Adolf Hitler, and matches the scene with subtitles expressing Hillary Clinton’s outrage at being pushed out of the nomination by Barack Obama.  I soon […]

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Political Satire Watch

A few days after the book is due, I have another deadline for a short article on political satire on the web.  So in the midst of the book, I’ve been trying to keep an eye on that sort of thing, and as some of you may have noticed, there was a bit of a […]


Mad for Maddow

Because of my research on presidential parody videos and because, well, it’s a pretty big deal, I’ve been following the 2008 election way too obsessively this year. And like pretty much everyone, I’ve been disappointed by the coverage of this year’s campaign (just Google “campaign coverage sucks” to get a whole range of other reasons). […]

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“I’m Ready for my Presidency, Mr. Cooper”

Yet another presidential parody video: “Hillary Clinton’s Sunset Boulevard.”  I’ve been kind of grumpy lately when it comes to these parody videos, but the hammy acting here is pretty funny, a nice tweaking of Clinton and of one of the most iconic scenes in Hollywood history.


A YouTube Theory of Montage

In her New York Times column “Pixels at an Exhibition,” Virginia Heffernan describes Rachel Greene’s “Artists Using YouTube,” an exhibit housed at the Kitchen gallery where Greene invited several artists to present and project selected YouTube videos. According to Heffernan, the catalog for the show suggests that YouTube provides the artists with “indirect fodder” for […]

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The Force Will Be With You, Always

The Empire Strikes Barack appears to be the latest pop-culture viral video to come out in support of Obama.  Less a mashup than a jumbled compilation of clips from election news and the Star Wars films, the video positions Hillary Clinton as the leader of the Dark Side against Obama’s message of hope and change.   […]



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“I’m F*cking Obama”

This video, by Hugh Atkin, literally made my jaw drop.  For those of you who missed it, here’s the original Sarah Silverman-Matt Damon video that provides the basis for this mashup. Just to provide some analysis, I’ll admit that I initially laughed at the sheer audacity of the video.  That being said, I’m less convinced […]

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He’s Ready at 3 AM

Here’s the latest ObamaGirl video, which has a couple of nice digs at Clinton’s 3 AM ad and Chris Matthews, among other targets. no further comment for now. I caught it this morning while watching MSNBC, so just wanted to bookmark it for later. Update: and here’s a new parody of Hillary Clinton’s 3 AM […]


Saturday Links

Given how insanely busy my schedule has been lately (not that everyone else isn’t insanely busy, too), it appears that, at least for the next five or six weeks, Saturday is blogging day here at The Chutry Experiment.  But I finally found some time to dig through Google Reader and realized I’ve been missing a […]

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A Remix You Can Believe In

Remember that Jack Nicholson video endorsement I posted, like, two days ago? You know, the one that Michael described as “utterly pathetic” here in the comments section and that left Filmmaker Magazine editor Scott Macauley shaking his head and saying that the election is getting “too bizarre.” Well, Karina reports that an Obama supporter has […]


Monday Links

Gearing up for this year’s SCMS conference in Philadelphia. The paper I’m presenting–on internet film distribution–is basically done, so this year hopefully I won’t be hastily writing in the hotel bar minutes before my presentation as I had to do at one conference a few years ago. I know that some of my regular readers […]

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